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What kind of shoes or boots does each of your bars attach too?

The QDCB – Quick Release bar with spring assist attaches to Markell Tarso shoes and can also be used with custom made AFO’s.

The DCBMD – Dobbs Bar with Mitchell Attachment only attach to Ponseti Standard, PFS and Toe Stilt AFO’s made by MDOrthopaedics Inc.  PH.  (877) 766-7384.

The DCB – Traditional Free Motion Dobbs Bar will attach to Markell Tarso Shoes and custom made AFO’s.

We know the Dobbs bars all have an adjustable width, but what size range does each have?

All three Dobbs bar models come in Small and Regular size.  The Small bar adjusts from 6 to 9 inches (15.25 cm to 22.86 cm) and the Regular bar adjusts form 9 to 14 inches (22.86 cm to 35.56 cm).  The Dobbs bar should be set so that the width of the bar is equal to the shoulder width of the child.

Do to the difference in spring tension between a small and regular size bar, we recommend that children under 12 months of age be in a small size bar with the lighter spring tension and children over 12 months use the regular size bar with the heavier spring tension. WARNING: A regular size bar should not be placed on a child under the age of 12 months. The spring tension in a regular size bar is much heavier than in a small size bar and could overpower the child’s feet causing pressure on the skin.

What are the differences between the three models?

Dobbs Clubfoot Bar Attached to Markell Shoes and AFOs

The QDCB model offers a quick release feature that allows the shoes or AFO to snap on and off. In addition this model has a spring assist that puts a constant dorsiflexion (upward) stretch on the child’s foot. This helps stretch out tight foot and ankle tendons. The spring assist also acts as a rest to bring the child’s feet back to neutral in a resting position. This model does all of this while still allowing the child to move his/her legs independently and crawl in the brace.

The DCBMD model has all of the features of the QDCB (the quick release, spring assist stretch, reset and ease of movement) but the attachments are specifically designed to work only with MDOrthopaedics products.

The DCB model is our traditional all aircraft grade aluminum bar. Markell Shoes and AFO’s are screwed on and off this bar.   This is our heavy duty bar that can stand up to pretty much anything. It is a completely free motion bar and does not have a spring assist/ reset feature.

Can my child walk in the Dobbs Bars?

While the Dobbs bars do allow for greater freedom and better compliance, the motion is an up and down pedaling motion (not a forward stepping motion) as such, they are not intended for walking. The Dobbs bars are used mostly as a nighttime brace that allows your child to kick and mover his/her legs independently and get more comfortable than in any fixed abduction bar.

Will insurance cover my child’s Dobbs bar?

While each insurance company is different most of them do cover the Dobbs Bars when it is billed through your orthotist or orthotic company.  The HCFA code is L2300.  Please note that D-Bar Enterprises, LLC is the manufacture of the Dobbs bar and sells to orthotists and other large distributors that sell to orthotic companies.  D-Bar Enterprises does not bill any individual insurance claims.

How are Markell Shoes attached to a Dobbs Bar?

The Dobbs Bar was designed to work with TARSO Open Toe Boots from Markell Shoe Co. Our foot plate has two holes that correspond to the two holes in the bottom of a TARSO boot. You simply screw the Dobbs foot plates onto the bottom of the TARSO shoes. Click here to view Markell TARSO Boots.

What do I do if my child's heel is coming up out of the Clubfoot AFO?

Dobbs Clubfoot Bar & Clubfoot AFOs

The affected foot should be corrected enough so that the child's heel is able to lie properly inside of the AFO. If you child's foot is not flexible enough to completely go down into the AFO then discontinue use of the AFO and contact your treating physician.

Once you are assured that the feet are corrected well but the heels continue to slip in the brace than further trouble shooting is warranted. The first thing to try is re-tightening the middle strap. It is crucial to have the middle strap snug in order to keep the heel down and a common mistake when putting the brace on is not to tighten the middle strap enough.

If there are continued problems keeping the heel down then the next thing to assess is the child's socks. Your child should be wearing socks at all times with the Clubfoot AFOs.Make sure the initial sock is snug and does not have any wrinkles in it before applying the molded inner boots and AFOs. A second pair of socks can then be placed over the transparent plastic molded inner boots. The feet are then placed in the firm outer shells and the Velcro closures refastened.

The last trouble shooting tip is to have your orthotist add a horseshoe shaped pad in the heel of the transparent molded inner boot to keep the heel from slipping inside of the AFO.

What do I do if my child is un-strapping the Velcro closures?

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace | Revolutionary Clubfoot Treatment

If your child is unstrapping the top strap then apply a slightly longer sock and roll the top of the sock down over the top strap of the AFO. In addition, the socks should be snug with no wrinkles. This will prevent the child from getting a hold of the Velcro and opening it.

If your child is opening the middle instep strap then have your orthotist cut the strap short and tuck the end of the strap between the wall of the outside AFO and the molded inner boot. This same procedure can be used on the bottom strap.

My child is perspiring a lot in the Clubfoot AFOs, is this normal?

Yes, especially in the first two weeks until you child gets used to the AFOs. We recommend that you change your child's socks every time the brace is removed and wipe the transparent molded inner boots out with rubbing alcohol. At first you may have to do this 3-4 times a day. The perspiring problem will get better over time as the child's body regulates itself. It is also a good idea to remove your child's socks when he/she is not in the brace so that air can get to the skin and dry up any moisture.

How do I tell if my child's heel is slipping inside of the Clubfoot AFOs?

Take a pen and mark a line at the child's toes on the front of the transparent molded inner boot. If the toes are migrating off of the marked line then it is likely that your child's heel has slipped in the AFO. Take off the AFOs and re-apply them. If this is the case please refer to the tips outlined in paragraph two above.

How do you order the complete clubfoot AFO?

The best way is to have the orthotist take casts and send the casts in with the AFO order form found on this website. Include your order form with in the shipping box with your casts. If you take casts then we only need a shoulder with measurement, you do not have to take any other measurements. The second way is to fax us your AFO order form with all seven measurements and then we will pull a mold and modify it to your measurements. If you have any questions call (314) 968-8555 ext. 102.

What is your turn around time?

If you are ordering just the Dobbs bar alone then orders place before 3:00 pm CST will be shipped out the same day. Orders after 3:00 CST will be shipped out the next day. Turn around time for a complete clubfoots system (with AFOs) is two days in shop from the time we receive the cast or measurements. It is important to fill out the AFO order form completely. Incomplete order forms could delay production until we can contact you to obtain the missing information.

If I already have a Dobbs Bar can I convert it to work with Ponseti AFOs?

Yes. Conversion kits are available for the model DCB bar called an MDPAC and the QDCB model called an SMDPAC. Click here for instructions on converting a DCB Bar or Click here for instructions on converting a QDCB bar.

Universal Attachments

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace & Custom AFO

The Dobbs Bar can be attached to Markell Straight Last Shoes, custom made AFO's or Mitchell Clubfoot Sandals.

What Makes the New Dobbs Bars Better?

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