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Browse all Clubfoot Products. Including New Spring Adjustable Dobbs Bar.

Custom AFO's

Our custom AFOs can be made from cast or measurements. AFOs cannot ship outside of the U.S. 

International Orders

Please check with our international disibutors on all orders outside of the U.S.

Dr. Matthew Dobbs

Make an appointment with Dr. Dobbs at The Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute in West Palms Beach Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions? Let us help you with our most asked questions. Please use the link below. 

Clinical Studies

View abstracts of Published studies related to Clubfoot and the Dobbs Bar. 


South Carolina

"I am happy to learn other doctors are using the Dobbs bar. We had to find it on the net, buy it and show it to our doctor. (He likes it). He is a Ponseti doctor (on the list). I think doctors just get busy and don't keep up with changes they way they should. The Dobbs bar is wonderful. It works great! And the babies like it better, I know Arianah does. Okay.. I am a big Dobbs bar fan. Can't help it after seeing how she was with the old bar...crying all the time and not sleeping. Then we got the Dobbs bar and got a good nights sleep. The chance of relapse is there no matter what bar you use. Just ask the parents on here that have went through it."

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