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The Clubfoot AFO consists of a solid ankle AFO made of thin copolymer thermoplastic combined with a molded inner boot made from Duraflex with a dorsum pringle pad. The result is a perfect custom molded fit that provides comfort, durability & strength.



  • The Clubfoot AFO is a custom made brace that is ideal for any child with either idiopathic or non-idiopathic clubfoot. This AFO works particularly well on children whose feet may not fit well into a shoe or sandal brace. This includes children with meningomyelocele, arthrogryposis, genetic syndromes, or idiopathic clubfeet that tend to be short and box-like making the use of shoes or sandals more difficult.

  • The Clubfoot AFO is intended to be used in cases of both typical and atypical/complex clubfoot. Our AFO is designed to offer superb control of the foot and ankle while offering greater comfort than other clubfoot braces. Following it's remarkable success, and positive feedback from parents, hospitals like St. Louis Children's Hospital are now using this brace exclusively for all cases of clubfoot treated using the Ponseti method.

*Orders must be shipped within the United States.

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Suggested Billing Codes

L2300 - Original Dobbs Bar (DCB)

L2760 - All Models

L2220 x 2 - QDCB & SDCBMD

L2768 x 2 - QDCB & SDCBMD

L1960 - Dobbs Clubfoot AFO
L2280 - Molded Inner Boot

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