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Easy Click

Model: EZCLK

To be complaint with tradition bracing we offer a universal alternative. Unlike traditional clubfoot braces, the “Easy Click” allows the use of any shoe attachment readily available. This curved clubfoot bar was designed to allow the user to add 10 degrees of dorsiflexion, without manipulating the cosmetics of the bar itself. The “Easy Click” implements the commonly known “D-Bar Quick Release Feature”, that will allow the shoes to be easily disconnected and reattached without taking the child’s shoes off.

  • Easily “Clicks” on and off using the traditional “Quick Release” feature.
  • Adjustable width grows with your child.
  • Interchangeable shoe plates for 10-degrees of dorsiflexion.
  • Curved bar makes carrying more comfortable.

Easy Click | New Clubfoot Brace for AFOs & Markell Shoes

Setting Up The Dobbs Bar

  • Setting the Bar Width. The bar should be set so the distance between the child’s heels is slightly wider than the child’s shoulder width. Loosen the Phillips head screw on the back of the center clamp that says “Easy Click”. Slide the bars apart until the width of the bar between the child’s heels is slightly wider than the child’s shoulder width. Retighten the center clamp screws to lock the bar width in place. Example: if the child’s shoulder width measures 8 inches, set the bar width to 8.5 inches.
  • Setting the Foot External Rotation. Loosen the Phillips head screw in the bottom of the brace and rotate the red “Y” piece. Retighten the screw to lock in the desired angle of external rotation.
  • Attaching the Foot Plates. The EASY CLICK comes with two sets of footplates. The first set are shaped like feet and are for a level or neutral mounting on the bar. The second set of foot plates are used to provide 10 degrees of dorsiflexion. Both foot plates attach to the bottom of Tarso Open Toe Boots & AFO’s using the Markell splint adaptor screws provided. Tighten one screw part way, then tighten the other screw completely. Then go back and tighten the first screw all the way.
  • Using the Quick Disconnect. Once the foot plates are attached to the shoes, place the black foot plate on the red “Y”, so the clips on the red “Y” fits into the corresponding channel on the black footplate. Then slide the black foot plate forward to engage the spring plunger and lock the shoes in place. To release the shoes pull back on the spring-loaded plunger while pushing the shoe plate backward-towards the child’s heel.
  • Putting on the Easy Click. Put the child’s shoes on first, making sure the heels are down and the straps and laces are snug. Then simply click them into place on the bar.

Advice for Parents

  • Check Your Child’s Feet. It is important to check your child’s feet several times a day after initiating the bracing, to ensure no blisters are developing on the heel or dorsum of the foot. Consult with your doctor if blisters begin to form.
  • Make It Routine. Children do better if you develop a fixed routine for brace wear. During the three to four years of night/naptime wear, put the brace on anytime your child goes to the “sleeping spot”. They will figure out that when it is “that time of day” they need to wear the brace. Your child is less likely to fuss if this is a consistent routine.
  • Always wear cotton socks. Your child should always wear cotton socks under his/her shoes, sandals or plastic AFO’s. This will protect your child’s foot and prevent skin breakdowns.

Instructions for Use

After your child’s foot bas been corrected, the EASY CLICK foot abduction brace prevents relapse by holding the foot in the corrected position.

NOTE: never apply this brace to an uncorrected foot. The brace does not correct clubfoot, it only holds the correction achieved `by Ponseti method of treatment.

While it depends on the age of your child, typical wearing schedule is 23 hours a day for the first 3 months (allowing an hour for brace-ree bathing and cuddling) and then at nighttime and naps until the child is approximately 4 years old.

Universal Attachments

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace & Custom AFO

The Dobbs Bar can be attached to Markell Straight Last Shoes, custom made AFO's or Mitchell Clubfoot Sandals.

What Makes the New Dobbs Bars Better?

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To Order

Certified Orthotists wishing to setup an account call (314) 968-8555 or contact one of the following distributors:

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Suggested Billing

Dobbs Bar - L2300
L2768 x 2 (for QDCB & DCBMD only)
Dobbs Clubfoot AFO - L1960
Molded Inner Boot - L2280

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