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NOTICE: Only Compatible with Markell Tarso Shoes/AFO's
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Brand: D-Bar Enterprises
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With the intent of making a brace easier to tolerate for both patients and families, Dobbs has designed a new dynamic brace to allow active movement, preserve muscle strength in the foot and ankle and be less restrictive to the child than the traditional version. The brace, patented as the Dobbs Brace, has resulted in significantly improved compliance and fewer complications than the traditional brace. Our spring assisted model compatible with the Markell AFOs implements the commonly known Markell Quick Release Technology and dynamic independent dorsi assist springs.

Sizing the Bar:

QDCB Small - 6 - 9 inches. The QDCB Small is for children under 12 month.

QDCB Regular - 9 - 14 inches. The QDCB Regular is for children 12 month or older

Compatible Shoes:

The QDCB Bar is compatible with the Markell Tarso Shoes and the Markell AFO's.

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