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Compliance Rate

"Our new brace has resulted in our compliance rate increasing from 40 to 95 percent."
Dr. Matthew Dobbs

New Quick Release Spring Assist

Model: QDCB
Attaches to Markell Shoes
and Custom AFOs

Quick Release Dobbs Bar | Clubfoot Brace


Attaches to:

Markell Tarso Shoes

Custom Made AFO’s

Alpha Flex Boots

Mitchell Quick Release Spring Assist

Attaches to
Ponseti / Mitchell Boots

Spring Assist Dobbs Bar | Clubfoot Brace


Attaches to:

MD Orthopaedics AFO’s

The Original
Dobbs Bar

Model: DCB
Traditional Attaches to
Markell Shoes / Custom AFOs

Dobbs Bar | Clubfoot Brace


Attaches to:

Markell Tarso Shoes

Custom Made AFO’s

Easy Click

Model: EZCLK
Attached to Markell Shoes,
Ponseti, and Custom AFOs

Easy Click | Clubfoot Brace


Attaches to:

Markell Tarso Shoes

Custom Made AFOs

Standard Ponseti AFO

What Makes the New Dobbs Bars Better?

Easy to Use

Better Tolerated

Active Dorsiflexion Stretch

Increased Motion

Better Muscle Development

Reduced Risk of Relapse

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PEL Supply Co. (800) 321-1264
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Action O&P Int.
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Centro Ortopedico Essedi
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Ortobar Ltda
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O&P Labs Inc.

Suggested Billing

Dobbs Bar - L2300
L2768 x 2 (for QDCB & DCBMD only)
Dobbs Clubfoot AFO - L1960
Molded Inner Boot - L2280

Dobbs Dynamic Clubfoot Bar
Indicated for the treatment of Typical and Atypical /Complex Clubfoot

Is the traditional fixed bar and booties causing blisters on the back of your child's heels? Does your child become frustrated and fussy and start crying every time you go to put his/her clubfoot brace on? Is your child having problems sleeping in the traditional clubfoot bar? Do you have a little escape artist who is constantly pulling out of the booties? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. Many parents experience some or all of these problems and have to take their child out of the brace, which is understandable. However, once the brace is removed, it's harder to get the child back into it and the child runs the risk of developing recurrent clubfoot which then requires more treatment before going back into the brace.

Dr. Matthew Dobbs, MD an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in clubfeet at St. Louis Children's Hospital has invented a new dynamic clubfoot brace that finally addresses all of these problems. Parents of children with clubfeet everywhere are praising his new brace patented as the "Dobbs Bar." The Dobbs Bar lets children move and kick their legs independently which gives clubfoot kids new-found freedom when it comes to crawling and being more active in the brace. Children fuss less and sleep better in the Dobbs Bar because it's more comfortable and less restrictive. The independent movement prevents heel ulcers and keeps the kids from pulling out of the booties. The results are happier parents, happier kids and improved compliance.

Compliance Rate

"Our new brace has resulted in our compliance rate increasing from 40 to 95 percent."


Children can kick and move their legs independently so they can crawl and be more active.
Increased brace compliance reduces the risk of relapse.
Because the brace moves with the child, friction on the heel is greatly reduced.
The independent movement and greater mobility of the brace minimizes the escape potential of the child pulling out of the booties.
Children sleep better in the Dobbs Bar because they can get comfortable. Children can sleep with one leg straight and the other bent, which reduces stress on the child's knees.
The Dobbs Bar grows with your child and is completely adjustable in two sizes, small (adjustable from 6 to 9 inches) and regular (adjustable from 9 to 14 inches).

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Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace & Custom AFO

Universal Attachments

The Dobbs Bar can be attached to Markell Straight Last Shoes, custom made AFO's or Mitchell Clubfoot Sandals.


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