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Testimonials for Dobbs Bar

Dobbs Brace for Clubfoot Treatment

We love the Dobbs bar! It allows our son the freedom to move his legs independently, which greatly improves his mood and spirit! We love the spring release option because with the click of a button the bar detaches from the shoes. The detachment makes it easier for transferring into the high chair and stroller. We are so thankful and highly recommend this bar!

Hampton, New York

Dobbs Bar for Clubfoot Treatment

I wanted the most advanced, effective, and appropriate bar for my child. I committed to using a Dobbs Spring Assist Bar, knowing it is an advanced bar that holds external rotation, maintains dorsiflexion, and allows independent leg movement. This has led us to better compliance and better tolerance for my child. At the end of the day, I am a happy clubfoot parent and I have an even happier clubfoot child. We made the move from a static bar to a bar that lends itself to strengthening the calf muscle and bringing the feet to neutral position while resting, all while knowing this would not compromise our clubfoot treatment and thus, allowing this difficult journey to be a tad easier!

Clovis, CA

You change lives two little feet at a time!

The Page Family

We are doing great with the Dobbs bar.
Lucas saw his orthopedic surgeon at the end of March and he was very pleased with the results.

We can not thank you enough for getting us this bar. It has truly made a huge difference in our lives. Lucas is sleeping through the night. He always wears his shoes and he never complains when we put it on anymore (except that now he knows the shoes mean bedtime, which he doesn't like). His twin brother also thanks you as he has to share a room with Lucas and was getting pretty sick of waking up every 2 hours.

Thank You very much!

Sue, Tim, Lucas and Jacob
New York

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Treatment Testimonial

We have been so happy with the care that Kolby has received for his clubfoot. Everyone who has been a part of his care team has been loving and helpful.

Kolby is doing very well with his brace. It is lightweight enough to allow him to kick his legs as he likes, and the articulating portion gives him some freedom to move his feet independently so that he is not frustrated with it. I know that as he grows older and gets more mobile, that will be even more important to him. His brace was fitted perfectly to his individual feet, and we are so thankful that he is on the road to being able to walk, run, and play like a little boy should!

We thank Dr. Dobbs, his staff, and the O and P Lab from the bottom of our hearts!"

Dobbs Clubfoot Bar

Babies like it better...

I am happy to learn other doctors are using the Dobbs bar. We had to find it on the net, buy it and show it to our doctor. (He likes it). He is a Ponseti doctor (on the list). I think doctors just get busy and don't keep up with changes they way they should. The Dobbs bar is wonderful. It works great! And the babies like it better, I know Arianah does. Okay.. I am a big Dobbs bar fan. Can't help it after seeing how she was with the old bar...crying all the time and not sleeping. Then we got the Dobbs bar and got a good nights sleep. The chance of relapse is there no matter what bar you use. Just ask the parents on here that have went through it.

Charlotte & Amber
South Carolina

Dobbs Brace for Clubfoot Treatment

I´m writing this e-mail to report you about the bar that I bought on April. It works perfect, and it is making success all over where we go. The people that know about this kind of problem recognizes that it is a very good material, and the doctor that takes care of my son is surprised with the quality and accuracy of its settings. Congratulations!

Some people are asking me about how to contact you, and I gave your e-mail address to some of them. I hope that you can do business with them.

Best regards from our sunny country, Rodolfo

I just wanted to thank you for your brace! My son is sooo happy now, and although I know he was not “suffering” per say, a mom always wants her children to be their most content and now he is! The brace is also easier on me at times of changing diapers and daily care of my baby.

Thanks again for your amazing contribution to these children…
Best regards,


Dobbs Clubfoot Bar

I received the new brace about a week ago. All I have to say is…


New York

All sorts of range of movement going on

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace Testimonial

Greetings from India. My son Skanda is enjoying his Dobbs Splints. He has started crawling all around the House with the shoes on!!

This wouldn’t have been possible with the traditional splints. Dr. Negda, who is treating Skanda is very keen on getting the splints to India for his other little patients.

Thanks again for your help.

Maharashtra, India

Finally Sleeping through the night - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace

We just got our Dobbs Bar yesterday, it is attached to our DBBoots. Jett (LCF) is loving it - he was also fine with the other bar, just I wanted this new style for him. He is 17 weeks, so 4 months old.

+ the movement is great! Kicking, kicking, all sorts of range of movement going on.
+ our physio and the orthotist are most pleased. - (We are the first to have it here - Canberra, Australia's capital )
+ They are looking at getting it as the standard first choice for all here now.
+ it has little 'teeth' to help hold the nut in place.
+ adjustable bar so it'll last the 4 years.
+ aesthetically very cool - the little feet give it a 'friendly' feel.
+ It costs us about $100 - $20 more than the original style.

Canberra, Australia

I hope your remember me.. After speaking with you I purchased the Dobbs Bar and it does wonders for my babies feet!! He kicks, plays, turns over and all the good stuff that come with it!

My son Avery was taken out of his casts after his tendonomy and was placed in the Markell shoes with the straight bar ( don't know what it is called) because my doctor does not know too much about your bar and was a bit hesitant to use it. I took the Markell shoes off the straight bar and put them on your Dynamic bar, and it was the best decision I have made in a long time! My son has not cried from discomfort since I put it on him!

Dr. Dobbs your are the best, thank you again for making such a difference in our lives.


Universal Attachments

Dobbs Bar Clubfoot Brace & Custom AFO

The Dobbs Bar can be attached to Markell Straight Last Shoes, custom made AFO's or Mitchell Clubfoot Sandals.

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