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Markell Tarso Shoes + QDCB 2.0 Dobbs Bar

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Product Details
Brand: D-Bar Enterprises and Markell

This kits comes complete with the Markell Tarso Shoes and our QDCB 2.0 Dobbs Bar!

The QDCB 2.0incorporates our latest idea of applying an adjustable spring to the Spring Assisted Dobbs Bars. We have given each spring the ability to be set from a range of 0-8 so that each foot is getting the correct amount of resistance while using the QDCB 2.0. The springs have been redesigned to allow the shoes to be attached without engaging the springs or weighing down the springs. This means when the child is at rest, they will not exert enough strength to engage the springs, leaving the foot in permanent dorsiflexed position. On this bar it is possible to set both sides on the bar at different resistance settings and still receive the same amount of dorsiflexion. We are giving you the ability to increase the resistance when you notice your child is over powering the springs while resting in the bar. This Markell compatible model will include everything you need to set up your bar and click into your Markell AFOs.

Sizing the Bar:

Spring Settings
Age 1 = Setting 4
Age 2 = Setting 5
Age 3 = Setting 6
Age 4 = Setting 7
Age 5 and over = Setting 8

Bar Size

Regular - adjustable 9-14 inches

Sizing is based off the child's shoulder width.

Due to the active spring tension in this product children less than 12 months of age should NOT be placed in the Regular Sized Dobbs Bar.

Compatible AFO's:

The QDCB 2.0 is compatible with the Markell Tarso Shoes and AFO's!

Shoe Sizing:

  • 0000 - 7.5cm
  • 000 - 8cm
  • 00 - 9cm
  • 0 - 9.8cm
  • 1 - 10.6cm
  • 2 - 11.6cm
  • 3 - 12.5cm
  • 4 - 13.3cm
  • 5 - 14.1cm
  • 6 - 15cm
  • 7 - 15.7cm
  • 8 - 16.6cm
  • 9 - 17.5cm
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